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Sponge Leash

A Sponge Leash is a convenient and efficient way to carry a sponge while mounted.

The leash is made from Beta material in 1/2" width and comes with a netted sponge that easily clips to your saddle. This allows the rider to quickly drop it in whatever water source is available, cool your horse, and boogie on down the trail!

Stirrup Holders

Carry your saddle without stirrups banging into your shins!

These nifty straps connect to the back dee rings and have a scissor snap so you can quickly secure your stirrups for saddling or carrying.

Snap On Stirrup Cages

Moss Rock's Biothane stirrup cages are designed to snap onto your stirrups. They are made from 3/4" Biothane, which has a shiny finish and a stiff yet flexible feel.

Carefully select your stirrup model and style, as these stirrup cages are made to order and are not eligible for exchange or return.

Currently, these are being made for limited stirrup brands and styles. If you do not see your stirrup model, please check back periodically as the lineup of stirrup styles is being expanded.


This Crupper is made of soft neoprene around a Beta or Biothane strap. The neoprene won't rub the sensitive skin under your horses tail. The Beta/Biothane strap from the ring to the saddle is flexible and easily adjustable.

Crupper - Double Fork

This Crupper has a soft neoprene tube around two fully adjustable and flexible 3/4" width Beta straps. The neoprene won't rub the sensitive skin under your horses tail.

Running Martingale

Our Running Martingale is fully adjustable with detachable O-Rings and Scissor Snaps. It's made with 1/2" material to keep it lightweight for your horse. It's highly recommended to use reins stops when using a martingale that slides over the reins to prevent the O-Rings from catching on your rein hardware.

Girth Loop

A Girth Loop slides over your cinch or girth strap to create a D-Ring attachment to clip the center strap of your breast collar to.

It's the perfect solution for an English girth that does not already have a D-Rings built in.

Once added to your girth, the Girth Loop remains on for easy access to clipping your breast collar on and off. It's durable and easy to clean.

Made in the Beta color of your choice in 3/4" width beta and with stainless steel or solid brass hardware.

Pommel Grip/Grab Strap

Easy connect, adjustable pommel grip that will snap on the front D-rings of your saddle for a bit of added security when you need it!

Gift Certificate

Treat friends or family to a gift certificate to spend in our store, gift cards are always appreciated!