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This Crupper is made of soft neoprene around a Beta or Biothane strap. The neoprene won't rub the sensitive skin under your horses tail. The Beta/Biothane strap from the ring to the saddle is flexible and easily adjustable.

Sponge Leash

A Sponge Leash is a convenient and efficient way to carry a Sea Sponge while mounted. The leash can be made from either Beta or Biothane material in either 1/2" or 5/8" width; with or without a Natural Sea Sponge that is made with a grommet to easily clip to the leash. Natural Sponges hold tons of water and attached to a leash allow the rider to quickly drop it in whatever water source is available, cool your horse, and boogie on down the trail!

Rear Flank Cinch

Use on any Western saddle. Constructed of heavy duty leather-look Granite Biothane. 1 1/2" cinch and billets. Cinch connector strap (11") included. Shown here is a 38" cinch with 24" billets with Stainless Steel hardware. Please specify cinch length in the "custom measurements" box below.

Pommel Grip

Easy connect, adjustable pommel grip that will snap on the front D-rings of your saddle for a bit of added security when you need it!

Gift Card

Treat friends or family to a gift card to spend in our store, gift cards are always appreciated!

Stirrup Holders

Carry your saddle without stirrups banging into your shins! These nifty straps connect to the back dee rings and have a scissor snap so you can quickly secure your stirrups for saddling or carrying.