This Crupper is made of soft neoprene around a Beta or Biothane strap. The neoprene won't rub the sensitive skin under your horses tail. The Beta/Biothane strap from the ring to the saddle is flexible and easily adjustable.
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Halter Bridle with Bit Hangers

The Halter Bridle is popular with endurance and trail riders because the halter never has to be removed during a ride. The bit can be quickly added at any time with the adjustable bit hangers. Want to drop your bit during a P&R or lunch break? Easy peasy. The bit hangers can also be used to hold hackamore hardware & nosebands, it's extremely versatile! The brow band moves up and down on the poll and crown straps, making this bridle a perfect fit for a wide range of horses. Our Halter Bridles are lighter and more flexible than many others available.

Breast Collar w/ Colored Overlay

Our breast collar is very flexible and adjustable, and will fit a wide range of equines. The wither strap includes a snap so that it is simple to attach and remove. The girth strap includes a snap for easy attachment to the girth dee. The breast collar is made standard with 3/4" heavy weight material. If you'd like larger shoulder straps to distribute pressure over a wider piece of material or if you'd just prefer a more substantial appearance the shoulder straps can be upgraded to 1" width material for an additional fee. The two colors I keep stocked in the 1" material is black and dark chocolate (dark brown); however, additional colored beta can be ordered in the wider width if you contact me.

Sponge Leash

A Sponge Leash is a convenient and efficient way to carry a Sea Sponge while mounted. The leash can be made from either Beta or Biothane material in either 1/2" or 5/8" width; with or without a Natural Sea Sponge that is made with a grommet to easily clip to the leash. Natural Sponges hold tons of water and attached to a leash allow the rider to quickly drop it in whatever water source is available, cool your horse, and boogie on down the trail!