Demo Program

Click on your state and you will either be notified that you're already in the right place or a separate website will open for the correct dealer. Please start with the dealer in your region as they have the rights to that area and can also save you time and money shipping a shorter distance. We do refer customers to each other if one of us has the saddle you need. Equine Karma (green) and Badlands Equine (blue) are sharing Idaho, so chose as you prefer.

Saddles can be trialed for 14 days for a $110 demo fee (which covers shipping both ways except to AK and HI) plus a 50% security deposit which is refundable or applied toward purchase unless there is any unreasonable dirt, damage, or wear. I expect wear marks on the billets and rubs from leathers but not gouges from gates or bored kitties! A quick removal of sweat, dirt, and horse hair is usually sufficient, you don't need to soap or oil the saddle. The demo comes with a return shipping label, so no further expense. I generally ship via UPS ground which can take from 2-6 days depending how far you are from Colorado. 

Most demo saddles may be purchased, so every saddle going out is either brand new or may have been demoed once. Before paying to demo, please contact me to make sure there isn't a waiting list for a certain model. When we've identified the right model for you and your horse, and it's availability, use the demo request form below to request it. After payment is received, the saddle and accessories will be shipped the next business day in most cases. You're welcome to request any accessories, even stirrups if needed although I don't sell them so they'd have to be returned.

In order to give you the best demo experience, I would like to know a bit more about you and your horse. Click here for a list of useful details as well as sample photos.

Click on the Demo Request product below to request your demo. You will be able to specify model, size, and accessories.