Current Inventory

Current lead time is 4 months give or take based upon the complexity of the order and the number of incoming orders. Shipping from Italy to Oregon is roughly 10-14 days.

NOTE: This inventory is currently linked to Badlands Equine, which is where demo saddles will come from until Moss Rock inventory arrives.

Prices are shown with ordered options. Some have been reduced from new pricing, either because it's been demoed a couple times or because it was purchased with special pricing or because I have more stock than needed or as noted. If you are interested in a specific model, please let me know when requesting a demo or saddle to purchase as I might otherwise grab the first one I bump into.

All saddles are currently ordered with an essentially rigid pommel (2mm steel inside the pommel which allows for some flexibility or can be forced into a wider shape). Most are currently ordered with Cavallin or fixed rigging which I find to be simpler with less bulk under the leg and more stable in some cases. The original V rigging is great for horses with a forward girth groove combined with laid back, powerful shoulder where the rigging needs to move with all that motion. I keep extras of both in stock and it can be changed before being shipped or by the customer. Pics here.

All saddles are available for demo and/or purchase. Click on saddle name (in blue) to see a pic.



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