About Saddle Design

 Ghost and Cavallin treeless saddles are designed by Camillo Cavallin, they are hand-made in Italy in a small shop.

For a fun video with a bit of history - The Original, the Best, the One in Demand! 


If you've tried every treed saddle out there and nothing works for your horse, it's likely that their shape changes dramatically around the shoulder and no rigid tree will ever be comfortable. Ghost saddles allow the equipment to fit the moving horse, it offers many of the comforts and support of a treed saddle while remaining free to move with your horse through every portion of his stride. Check out this video which very much shows why some horse very much need a treeless saddle! 

Ghost saddles are enjoyed by a wide spectrum of riders, from trail to endurance, from arena fun to dressage, from obstacle courses to fox hunting.


•The GHOST has more "twist” to the seat than other treeless saddles, which means less stress on the hips
•It has a very close contact feel, allowing the horse to feel your cues
•The supportive seat allows you to sit in the correct shoulder-hip-heel position without force
•Stirrup and girth rigging are built into the side plates of the base, not hung over the spine
•The panels can be adjusted and also filled with different or extra material
•Thigh rolls in either a GP or dressage angle offer support and rider security without getting in the way
•The girth straps are adjustable in position to fit your horse's girth-groove and make the saddle very stable
•Lightweigh (10-11 pounds)
•There are no hard parts, the saddle is flexible to adapt to the shape of the horse throughout the stride 
•Two stirrup positions to support either a GP or dressage riding style
•Manufactured in Europe (Italy) from environmentally friendly leather
•The seats are interchangeable to any style you like as long as it is the same size base
•A choice of materials including Nubuck, Oiled Nubuck, leather, suede, wool, sheepskin and three synthetic materials are available
•Available in three sizes: Standard (adult 18"), Piccolo (small adult 17") and Bambini (child 16")
•Very competitively priced for quality, workmanship and design





The base - the core of your  GHOST saddle - is made from layers of strong and flexible material. This base provides excellent stability on your horse's back, and makes it possible to have a twist for the rider.


  • Micropell (synthetic leather)
  • Montecchio (fabric from Nylon and Polyurethane)
  • Carbon (reinforcements around the stirrup- and rigging)
  • Biothane Granite (belting)
  • Steel (1-2mm inside the arch) standard, thicker steel for high withered, narrow horses
  • Stainless steel for rings and studs


Two different girthing configurations are available to allow the saddle to fit correctly with excellent stability of different horse conformations.  The overall structure of the saddle is self-adjusting to each horse and therefore suits many different shapes/sizes/breed of horse, which is great if you have more than one horse to ride! 

The saddle can be used with either traditional English style leathers or fenders that slip onto a 1" leather. There is also a Western fender available.
Two stirrup positions are available to acoomdate a variety of riders, a forward leg position and a straight leg position 



The Ghost saddle is very stable even on the most difficult to fit horses and has very good spinal clearance and weight distribution created by the use of soft Sympanova panels which creates airflow and breathability. These panels have special foam inserts, which can be added to, if necessary, with additional shims. These panels are movable in position to create the best fit for each horse. Treeless can't work for every horse and every rider (despite the occasional claim) but they can be an excellent option for a difficult to fit horse. 


The base is made from layers of flexible
materials with two stirrup rings available
to accomodate rider size and riding style.

The twist is narrow and the seat is 
supportive. No rigging crosses the spine
to create pressure.

The sliding V on the girth rigging is 
positioned wide for stability and can
move to find the best position for 
the horse and adjust through the 
stride without disturbing the stability
of the saddle. We also have a new, 
simpler option called the Puro or 
Cavallin rigging with two wide spaced
straps that increases stability.
Panels (available in two styles) attach
via velcro and can be positioned for
the individual horse. Closed panels
have a neat appearance, but panels
with an opening are perfect to allow
adjusting rider balance as needed.