Distance and trail riders, and their horses, have different needs. These products are designed to be easy to put on, lighter, and more comfortable to the horse. 

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Halter Bridle with Bit Hangers

The Halter Bridle is popular with endurance and trail riders because the halter never has to be removed during a ride. The bit can be quickly added at any time with the adjustable bit hangers. Want to drop your bit during a P&R or lunch break? Easy peasy. The bit hangers can also be used to hold hackamore hardware & nosebands, it's extremely versatile! The brow band moves up and down on the poll and crown straps, making this bridle a perfect fit for a wide range of horses. Our Halter Bridles are lighter and more flexible than many others available.

Halter Bridle Lite with Bit Hangers

The Halter Bridle is very popular because the halter never has to be removed during a ride; just detach the bit hangers and drop the bit! This `Lite` version omits the halter squares on the nose band that can cause rubs on some horses. The brow band moves up and down on the poll and crown straps, making this bridle a perfect fit for a wide range of horses.

No Brow Halter Bridle with Bit Hangers

This halter bridle does not include a brow band, which is wonderful for those equines who have ear issues or are head-shy. Poll strap adjustability is achieved on both sides of the head, with bridle balance being achieved with a jowl strap. A set of bit hangers is included for quick and easy attachment of your bit. This bridle is designed for maximum adjustability in different setups! Optional Add-Ons: A Snap On Browband, A Hackamore Setup (includes padded noseband & curb strap, hackamore hardware not included)

Halter Bridle Convertible

Not a fan of bit hangers? This Halter Bridle Convertible is the solution for you! It's popular because it still allows the convenience of never having to remove the halter during a ride with the benefit of eliminating pesky bit hangers. This version combines two of our existing products -- The Halter and the Bridle Converter, and is for those who do not care for bit hangers, or just want another option! Just slip in the bit (which you will already have attached to the Converter) and snap the Converter browband around the Halter poll strap.

Bridle Converter

The Bridle Converter is probably the most convenient piece of tack you will ever own. It snaps around any halter and you're ready to ride in seconds. If you ride several horses with different bits, the Bridle Converter can also be ordered with quick snaps so you can quickly change bits and be off riding the next horse. Trainers will love this!

S Hackamore

The S Hackmore allows your horse to eat and drink comfortably while trail riding. Angled stainless steel shanks are durable with rounded edges and short shanks to allow both comfort and control. The designated slot for the bit hangers or bridle cheek pieces to slide through allow more stability and keep the bridle & hackamore in place, this keeps the bridle pieces from shifting/slide around on the hackamore hardware. Both the noseband and chin strap are adjustable, which allows for a more precise fit. The waffle padding is the same material used on our padded breast collars, the highest quality on the equine market. Comes Standard with a Conway Buckle Noseband, can be upgraded to a Double Buckle Padded Noseband for an additional fee.

Bit Hangers

Pair of Adjustable Bit Hangers

Gift Certificate

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