S Hackamore

The S Hackmore allows your horse to eat and drink comfortably while trail riding. Angled stainless steel shanks are durable with rounded edges and short shanks to allow both comfort and control. The designated slot for the bit hangers or bridle cheek pieces to slide through allow more stability and keep the bridle & hackamore in place, this keeps the bridle pieces from shifting/slide around on the hackamore hardware. Both the noseband and chin strap are adjustable, which allows for a more precise fit. The waffle padding is the same material used on our padded breast collars, the highest quality on the equine market. Comes Standard with a Conway Buckle Noseband, can be upgraded to a Double Buckle Padded Noseband for an additional fee.

**Please note, if Solid Brass is selected for the buckle hardware, the Hackamore Shanks will remain Stainless Steel. 


Questions or would like more info? Contact Amanda at:

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E-mail:  mossrockendurance@gmail.com

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