Bridle Converter

The Bridle Converter is probably the most convenient piece of tack you will ever own. It snaps around any halter and you're ready to ride in seconds. If you ride several horses with different bits, the Bridle Converter can also be ordered with quick snaps so you can quickly change bits and be off riding the next horse. Trainers will love this!

Snaps on the brow band are either solid brass or nickel plated -- Stainless Steel are not available. Please know, nickel plated snaps are not recommended for humid climates; the plating will wear off and the steel beneath will rust.  If you do wish to still order nickel snaps for humid climates, always keep a a thin layer of oil on the snaps. 

An overlay is a great way to add a pop of color, this can be done with shiny biothane or matte beta and can be added to the browband for an additional fee. 

Synthetic crystals (cut glass on a nickel plated rivet) are very a popular way to add a bit of bling. Crystals can be added to the browband for an additional fee. 


Questions or would like more info? Contact Amanda at:

Phone:  (719) 641-9580                             


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