Equine Neck Collar

This Equine Neck Collar is made with 1" Beta Biothane material with an optional 3/4" reflective strip.

It is designed to be used while a horse is hi-tied/high lined. For a turnout collar, check out one of the Breakaway collar options.

Two durable O-Rings allow essential tools to be attached, such as: identification tags, a GPS unit for tracking, or a bear bell to be clipped on.

Arab Size is adjustable from 27-33"
Horse Size is adjustable from 28-34"
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Sponge Leash

A Sponge Leash is a convenient and efficient way to carry a sponge while mounted.

The leash is made from Beta material in 1/2" width and comes with a netted sponge that easily clips to your saddle. This allows the rider to quickly drop it in whatever water source is available, cool your horse, and boogie on down the trail!

Bridle Converter Lite

The Bridle Converter is a quick and simple way to easily convert any halter into a halter bridle, it snaps around the poll strap and you're ready to ride in seconds.

The Poll Strap & Cheek Pieces are one continuous piece of material. Adjustability comes from conway buckles that can be moved up or down along the cheek pieces. This Bridle Converter Lite is lightweight and very minimalistic.

If you ride several horses with different bits, the Bridle Converter can also be ordered with quick snaps so you can quickly change bits and be off riding the next horse.

Halter Sold Separately. Check out the Double Buckle Beta Halter for a complete set!

Grippy Reins

Grippy reins are a round rein made with 3/4" width brown or black Beta material that has a bumpy surface to provide a better grip on the rein, in any conditions. The grippy material is sewn together with 3/4" beta or biothane ends.

Moss Rock's grippy reins are made with the a longer portion of the bumpy material than competitors, the colored ends measure 18 inches long on each side to provide over 6 foot of super grip bumps, this ensures the rider is always within reach of the grippy material.

Come standard with conway buckles and swivel snaps to make attaching and removing reins a simple move.

Snaps can be sewn directly to the end of the reins in lieu of conway buckles.

Buckle ends can be chosen in place of snaps.

Synthetic crystals (cut glass on a nickel plated rivet) are a popular way to add a bit of bling. Crystals can be added to the rein ends for an additional fee.

Padded Breast Collar - The Big 'Un!

Does your horse's large stature make standard breast collars look like he's squeezing himself into gear that was never quite big enough?

The Big 'Un Breast Collar is designed for the larger/wider horse that matches better with a more substantial piece of equipment.

This option upgrades the waffle padding by 2" in length, the beta/biothane width to 1" (optional overlay to 5/8" width), and the tug straps to 3/4" width. It's made with heavy duty Stainless Steel Hardware that is long lasting and maintenance free.

Waffle padding on the shoulder straps measures 20" for Large Horse size and 22" for Draft Horse size.

Waffle padding on the girth strap measures 15" for Large Horse size and 16" for Draft Horse size.

Moss Rock's Padded Breast Collar is designed to keep the buckles on the padded surface so that the hardware stays off the horse's shoulders.

Both the wither strap and the girth strap include a halter snap so that the breast collar is simple to attach and remove.

The highest quality waffle padding on the equine market is used to pad this breast collar, it's the same material used for carting harnesses. The waffle padding is easy to keep clean, breathes well, and provides a wider surface to disperse the weight when navigating steep terrain.