Halters & Equine Collars

Our halters provide as wide range of adjustability, roller buckles are on both sides, there's an adjustable throatlatch and chin strap so it will fit your horse properly!

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Halter with Bit Hangers

How about a traditional-style halter that not only has some style, but you could easily add a bit to it? Do you have a horse that doesn't like his ears touched? Our Halter with Bit Hangers not only looks and functions awesomely, it has an adjustable chin strap and throat latch to ensure a proper fit. There`s nothing to pull the poll strap against your horses ears, making a nice, clean look even at the end of a hard ride. The lower rings help keep the cheek pieces out of your horse`s eyes too, and when you`re ready to ride, just snap on the bit hangers and away you go. This Halter has a traditional halter design with poll strap adjustability on the left side. Bit hangers attach higher up on the cheek, giving more adjustability for a wide array of bits.

Double Buckle Horse Collar with Leather Breakaway Strap

This Horse Neck Collar is made with 1" material and a leather breakaway strap for safety. It is designed to be used as a turnout collar or while a horse is hi-tied/high lined. It's an invaluable piece of equipment to have on your horse while camping. The two O-Rings allow safety equipment to be attached, such as: a GPS unit for tracking, identification tags, or a bear bell to be clipped on. The double buckles allow the leather breakaway strap to be easily replaced if needed.