Dog Collar

This is the only dog collar you will ever buy again. Made with the same high quality beta materials that all our horse tack is made from, a Beta Biothane dog collar and leash will last your pup years of heavy use. Washable, easy-care, waterproof, UV resistant, antimicrobial, and Stinkproof! Beta material will not stretch, mold or rot, and it holds its flexibility in very cold weather. Our dog collar collar is double stitched for reinforcement and strength, not riveted, and made with stainless steel hardware that is guaranteed to never rust. Scroll down for to see a sizing chart.

(The most common lengths & widths are here for easy selection. See Dog Leashes for more variety and additional customizations)


Size Chart:

Small (adjustable from 7-11" long, made with 5/8" width beta)

Medium (adjustable from 11-14" long, made with 3/4" width beta)

Large (adjustable from 14-17" long, made with 3/4" width beta)

XLarge (adjustable from 17-22" long, made 1" width beta)

XXL (adjustable from 22-26” long, made w/ 1” width beta)


If you'd like a custom size or material width, please include your dog's neck measurement in the custom box.

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The Poll Strap & Cheek Pieces are one continuous piece of material. Adjustability comes from conway buckles that can be moved up or down along the cheek pieces. This Bridle Converter Lite is lightweight and very minimalistic.

If you ride several horses with different bits, the Bridle Converter can also be ordered with quick snaps so you can quickly change bits and be off riding the next horse.

Halter Sold Separately. Check out the Double Buckle Beta Halter for a complete set!