Our Hackamore Bridle has been uniquely designed to angle strapping and hardware away from the eyes. Please note hackamore not included. Scroll down for further information!


The Hackamore Bridle comes in black, brown, royal blue, red, saddle brown (lighter, reddish brown), hunter orange, pastel green, pastel purple, hunter green, lime green, yellow or violet Beta Biothane.

An overlay color in shiny biothane may be selected to dress up the 5/8" or 3/4" brow band for $6.

Stainless steel hardware costs an additional $4 as the price of this premier metal is higher than solid brass or nickel plated.

Synthetic crystals (on a nickel plated rivet), are very popular!  We`re offering a light amount of 7 crystals on the brow band for this headstall.  Crystals come in amber, purple, red, light blue, clear, light pink, light green, black, turquoise and a synthetic turquoise stone.  Note:   I cannot do crystals on top of an overlay as the stems are too short.


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