Pommel bolster

Can affect the rider's pelvis tilt, refines the twist, and slightly deepens the seat.
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Panel shims

Beveled wool felt shaped to fit the front of the Ghost panel. Two pieces per side, use the bigger one alone for a 1/4" lift, both together for a 1/2" lift. You can also shim one side more than the other if your horse has a bigger shoulder (shim the smaller shoulder).


The Florac is a short flap saddle without thigh blocks to give the rider a little more leg-room and stirrup length versatility. This model is ideal for people who prefer more room to move on a gaited horse or have a longer than average thigh.

It's an excellent lightweight trail saddle and you'll ride comfortably all day. It can easily be paired with fenders and a skirt in place of standard panels for a western flair.

Scroll down for Saddle Availability and for more information about optional Saddle Upgrades & Color and Material Choices

Stirrup Holders

Carry your saddle without stirrups banging into your shins!

These nifty straps connect to the back dee rings and have a scissor snap so you can quickly secure your stirrups for saddling or carrying.

Billet Strap Protectors

These handy little sponge bobs slide onto the billet straps and help cover the gap between the end of the short flap saddle pad and the start of the girth, this protects the horse's side from becoming potentially irritated from direct contact with the BioThane billet straps.

The square shape fits the Sliding V English Rigging and the angled shape fits the Fixed Y English Rigging.

Sold as a pair.

Black micronappa with neoprene or sympanova backing are kept in stock, other colors or materials may have to be ordered from Italy (typically a two month turnaround time).

If the color and/or material choice you're looking for is not listed, please contact me to obtain information regarding price and availability.

*Note regarding natural leathers: shades of leather vary from hide to hide, please be aware that if your saddle was ordered at a separate time from your other leather accessories, there could be a variation in color.