Padded Breast Collar - The Big 'Un!

Does your horse's large stature make standard breast collars look like he's squeezing himself into gear that was never quite big enough?

The Big 'Un Breast Collar is designed for the larger/wider horse that matches better with a more substantial piece of equipment.

This option upgrades the waffle padding by 2" in length, the beta/biothane width to 1" (optional overlay to 5/8" width), and the tug straps to 3/4" width. It's made with heavy duty Stainless Steel Hardware that is long lasting and maintenance free.

Waffle padding on the shoulder straps measures 20" for Large Horse size and 22" for Draft Horse size.

Waffle padding on the girth strap measures 15" for Large Horse size and 16" for Draft Horse size.

Moss Rock's Padded Breast Collar is designed to keep the buckles on the padded surface so that the hardware stays off the horse's shoulders.

Both the wither strap and the girth strap include a halter snap so that the breast collar is simple to attach and remove.

The highest quality waffle padding on the equine market is used to pad this breast collar, it's the same material used for carting harnesses. The waffle padding is easy to keep clean, breathes well, and provides a wider surface to disperse the weight when navigating steep terrain.

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