Ghost Saddle Pads - Luxury Line

Ghost offers an upgraded selection of materials to further improve their line of saddle pads. These include Suede and Lorica (synthetic suede) that offer a rich, vibrant selection of colors.

Topside materials include:
Lorica is a synthetic suede fabric that is durable, water-resistant, and requires minimal maintenance.
Suede offers a wide selection of beautiful, vibrant colors. Scotchguard or similar product is a helpful way to keep suede protected and long lasting.

Underside materials include:
Sympanova - soft rubber in a waffle pattern, easy to clean, breathable. Not recommended for extremely hot climates (AZ, TX, etc)
White, Black, or Brown wool blend - moisture wicking, durable, good shock absorption
Vella - medical grade synthetic lambskin, extra protection for providing spine channel clearance. Great choice for long distance riders!
Medicinal Sheepskin - a dense, thick wool that is an excellent choice for sensitive skinned horses, distributes pressure more evenly, stops friction, absorbs moisture. This backing can be a slightly slicker, not recommended for wide horses with a low/mutton wither.

1cm inserts are standard. This thickness works great for a large majority of horses.
2cm inserts are recommended if the rider exceeds 185lbs or if the horse has an atrophied back, this option may be a better choice to ensure your horse's spine is well protected.

All pads are shimmable. Access to the pad inserts is from a velcro opening on the side of the pad.

Upgraded Pads are by custom order only, the turnaround time is approximately two months. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, please reach out to me to discuss how we can get the perfect pad built for you!

(Seat size is measured English. Subtract 2" to get the equivalent in Western sizing)


Questions or would like more info? Contact Amanda at:

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