Evolution Bridle w/ Included Reins

Three bridles in one with reins included!

The Evolution Bridle is a unique, multi-purpose product, quite different from a standard bitless bridle and the many variations available on the market.

Use it bitless with the included special rein (as a cross under bitless bridle), as a sidepull, with a bit, or as a lightweight halter.

For those who spend a great deal of time on the trail, you know that as the environment changes, your horse’s response changes and you may need more or less input to his behavior.

If an Optional Beta Overlay Color is chosen, it will be included on the Browband, Noseband, and the 1/2" portion of the reins ends will be made in the selected color.
If an Optional BioThane or Reflective BioThane Overlay is chosen, it will only be used on the Browband and Noseband. It is too stiff and "sticky" to be used on the rein ends.

Any of the Optional Overlay Colors and Materials can be used as an overlay on the Reins, please select this as an alternative if you'd prefer to have more pop of color on your setup.

The Evo Bridle has an extra long rein included so that the cross under bitless feature can be used. The bridle can be ordered without this rein; however, please be aware this means the cross under feature becomes unavailable, which limits the bridle's function to a sidepull and a bitted bridle.

Please scroll down past product options to see additional functionalities and customization information for this bridle.

Moss Rock Endurance believes that it is important to have enough communication with your horse to handle typical, and sometimes atypical, situations. But using as little force and impedance upon the horse as possible is important to help your horse grow in sophistication of response and ability to function for many hours, whether it be on the trail, instructing new riders, or in a therapeautic riding situation.

Going “bitless” can be very comfortable for some horses, but not all take to it and it is not magic, nor does it take the place of training.  Distance riders will appreciate helping their horse be able to easily eat on the trail or at vet checks, where riding instructors will be grateful for the flexibility being 'bitless' offers to their horses mouths as students learn.

How does having a rider configurable headstall benefit you and your horse?
The cross under portion of this bridle is intended to provide more contact with your horse than a side pull offers, so it's a step up in pressure, but not as much as adding a bit to the bridle. The 1/2" beta pieces allow communication by creating contact throughout the horse's entire face because the snaps clipped at the bottom of the poll strap, then loop through the noseband. So that you're able to clearly ask for a turn, stop, or collection. A horse that rides out well in a halter tends to do wonderfully in a sidepull, a horse that needs a bit more of a gentle reminder when asked does best with the cross under bitless setup. Lastly, if your horse tends to start the ride out a little hotter, you can begin your ride in a bit and switch to either of the bitless options as they get their brain back.

There are many bitless options and the Evolution Bridle is a way of offering several of them in one package for a reasonable cost. In essence, the Evolution is simply a lightweight halter with several ways to connect the reins to give different types of cues to your horse – or even a bit if needed.

The halter option is one much requested by distance riders. It is nice to be able to tie your horse back at the trailer, on the trail, or hook on a lead rope at vet checks with no “extra” bridle bits flopping around.

You can also use this bridle as a sidepull.  A sidepull provides a direct action on the nose which most horses understand immediately. It is a very simple method of control and quite easy on a mindful trail horse. The Evolution Bridle's noseband is very soft and flexible so will not abrade the nose in most cases. A bit or working on a bit-to-bitless transition plan is recommended for constant pullers.

A round rein is included and is 9 foot when used in the special bitless setup, 11'6" for sidepull or bit mode. (Additional rein length is charged at $2.00/foot.). If you need a different rein length, please contact me to discuss what would work best for you and your horse. 

An overlay is a great way to add a pop of color, this can be done with shiny biothane or matte beta and can be applied to the brow and nose bands for an additional fee. 

Synthetic crystals (cut glass on a nickel plated rivet) are very a popular way to add a bit of bling. Crystals can be added to the nose and browband for an additional fee.


Questions or would like more info? Contact Amanda at:

Phone:  (719) 641-9580                             

E-mail:  mossrockendurance@gmail.com

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