Evolution Bridle

The Evolution Bridle is a unique, multi-purpose product, quite different from the Bitless Bridle and the many variations available on the market. Use it bitless with the included special rein, as a sidepull, with a bit, and as a lightweight halter. Like our Freedom Bridle, it is a rider configurable headstall, designed specifically for the needs of the distance and trail rider. Please scroll down past product options to see additional functionalities and customization information for this bridle!
SKU: EB010

Moss Rock Endurance believes that it is important to have enough communication with your horse to handle typical, and sometimes atypical, situations. But using as little force and impedance upon the horse as possible is important to help your horse grow in sophistication of response and ability to function for many hours, wether it be on the trail, instructing new riders, or in a therapeautic riding situation. Going “bitless” can be very comfortable for some horses, but not all take to it and it is not magic, nor does it take the place of training.  Distance riders will appreciate helping their horse be able to easily eat on the trail or at vet checks, where riding instructors will be grateful for the flexibility being 'bitless' offers to their horses mouths as students learn.

There are many bitless options and the Evolution Bridle is a way of offering several of them in one package for a reasonable cost. In essence, the Evolution is simply a lightweight halter with several ways to connect the reins to give different types of cues to your horse – or even a bit if needed.

As we have always stated, the Evolution and the Freedom Bridle are the ultimate Halter Bridles!  The Evolution evolved out of our Freedom Bridle into a more robust headstall with some other nice perks:

- 5/8" width cheek straps instead of 1/2"

- O-ring`s at the ends of an extended poll strap, which enables the cheek straps to angle away from the eye.

- A strap between the halter ring and throatlatch, for a more traditional halter style.

PLEASE NOTE: For information on the actual mechanics and set-up of our Evolution, which is the same as the Freedom Bridle, please see Freedom Bridle

As with the Freedom Bridle, a round rein is included and is 9`when used in the special bitless setup, 11`6" for sidepull or bit mode. (Additional rein length is charged at $2.00/foot.). If you don`t think the these rein lengths will work for you, just call or e-mail me.

As with all of our tack, we provide a money back guarantee within 10 working days of receipt, minus original shipping and a 10% retstocking fee. The product MUST BE CLEAN AND IN NEW CONDITION! AND PLEASE NOTE: Custom orders (special sizing, colored overlays, conchos or bling) are not returnable.

Please note stainless steel costs $6 additional as the price of this premier metal is significantly higher than solid brass or nickel plated.


The Evolution Bridle comes in the base colors of black, brown, semi-gloss brown, yellow, royal blue, red, saddle brown (lighter, reddish brown), hunter orange, pastel green, pastel purple, lime green or violet Beta Biothane. You can specify the width of the nose and brow bands (5/8" or 3/4").

An overlay color in shiny biothane may be selected to dress up the brow and nose bands for $12.00.

Crystals (on a nickel plated rivet) are extremely popular! We`re offering a light amount of crystals for the brow band.  Quantity of seven crystals will typically be used, and  I`ll spread the crystals out evenly.  Crystals come in amber, purple, red, light blue, clear, light pink, light green, black, turquoise and a synthetic turquoise stone.  I`m sorry, cannot do crystals on top of an overlay as the stems are too short.


Phone:  (719) 439-2472                           E-mail:  lisa@mossrockendurance.com

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