About us

Moss Rock Endurance was started in 2000 by Marlene Moss, and purchased by me, Lisa Douglass, and my husband Paul in August 2003. 


The desire to start the company came from running into problems with tack purchased when beginning distance riding.  Nylon tack was light and cheap, but improperly inspected melted material irritated the horse.  It was also so flopsy it was difficult to tell what was what.


So the next step was Biothane™ —but the plasticky feel and sewn layers were stiff and also rubbed.   And then Beta Biothane™ came along, which is what I now use almost exclusively—it’s soft, flexible and strong, with a more leather-like appearance though still cleans with water.


The product line has been growing ever since.  Either developing new tack ideas—many with the help of you, my customers—or representing other companies products.



Our long term plan is to expand the business to not only meet the growing needs of Endurance, Competitive Trail and those who simply enjoy riding trail, but to also encompass those in the sports of Dressage, Hunter Jumper, Grand Prix and Eventing.  Our horses, Adrienne and Akiah, will be modeling for some time to come!


See ya out there!


Lisa And Paul