Double Buckle Horse Collar with Leather Breakaway Strap

This Equine Neck Collar is made with 1" Beta Biothane material, an optional 3/4" reflective strip, and a leather breakaway strap for safety. This double buckle option allows for easy and quick replacement of the leather strap if needed.

It is designed to be used as a turnout collar or while a horse is hi-tied/high lined.

It's an invaluable piece of safety equipment to have on your horse while camping or during high alert times like fire or tornado season.

The leather breakaway strap provides a safe way to leave identification on your horse if an emergency arises.

Two O-Rings allow essential tools to be attached, such as: identification tags, a GPS unit for tracking, or a bear bell to be clipped on.

Arab Size is adjustable from 27-33"
Horse Size is adjustable from 28-34"
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Sponge Leash

A Sponge Leash is a convenient and efficient way to carry a sponge while mounted.

The leash is made from Beta material in 1/2" width and comes with a netted sponge that easily clips to your saddle. This allows the rider to quickly drop it in whatever water source is available, cool your horse, and boogie on down the trail!

Double Buckle Halter

Moss Rock's Double Buckle Halter is made with 3/4" Beta material, provides a durable, comfortable, and easy to clean every day halter for your equine. This halter comes with many upgrades to make fitting the halter simple and quick:
- Two roller buckles on each side of the halter allow for easy fit adjustments on both sides of the face
- Adjustable chin strap with a traditional halter clip your lead rope to
-Adjustable gullet strap
- Adjustable throatlatch with a halter snap. The throatlatch is made in 3/4" width to help keep the halter streamlined and comfortable for your equine.
This Halter is used in all of the Halter Bridle Convertible headstall options under the Endurance/Trail section.
If an Optional Overlay Color is selected, it will be added overtop the base color on the noseband and the cheek pieces. If you'd like additional color added to the Halter's Cheek Pieces, please select that upgrade separately.
Beta and BioThane Overlays are 1/2" width, Reflective BioThane Overlays are 3/4" width
If synthetic crystals (cut glass on a nickel plated rivet) are selected, they will be added to the noseband.
Please note, either an Optional Overlay Color or Crystal Rhinestones can be added to a base color, not both. The stems on the crystal rivets is not long enough to reach through two layers of Beta BioThane when they're stitched together in layers.

Stirrup Holders

Carry your saddle without stirrups banging into your shins!

These nifty straps connect to the back dee rings and have a scissor snap so you can quickly secure your stirrups for saddling or carrying.

Snap On Stirrup Cages

Moss Rock's BioThane stirrup cages are designed to snap onto your stirrups. They are made from 3/4" BioThane, which has a shiny finish and a stiff yet flexible feel.

Carefully select your stirrup model and style, as these stirrup cages are made to order and are not eligible for exchange or return.

Currently, these are being made for limited stirrup brands and styles. If you do not see your stirrup model, please check back periodically as the lineup of stirrup styles is being expanded.

Sold as a pair/set of two.

Stirrups NOT included.