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The choice of model for a Ghost saddle is largely what is visually appealing to you. Your disclipline may dictate something specific either by rules or just so you fit in, so please check the "by Discipline" page.

In general, the Ghost saddle models fall into a few categories: long flap vs short flap, single flap vs double (sweat) flap, and thigh block choices. The base is the same for the horse for all saddles other than seat length difference.

With the short flap models you can ride with just a simple stirrup strap for close contact with your horse's side, slightly less weight, and less coverage over your horse in case heat dissipation is an issue for an endurance horse. Or you can use either the english or western fenders.

Short flap models:

Long flap models:






Classic (Italy, Flamenco & Lipica)


Cavallin (Crusader & Heritage



Most Ghost saddles have a single flap. The Classic models, the Italy, Flamenco, and Lipica, have two flaps including a sweat flap with an adjustable thigh block/knee roll. 

If you add western fenders to a short flap saddle, it has a bit more of a western look. If you want to go in this direction without the size (and cost) of the full western model, you can add a horn and seat stitching to any saddle. Or you can delete the horn on the western or add thigh blocks to get all the pieces you want on a single saddle.

This is also discussed on the "by Discipline" page, but you can order a hidden pommel on any saddle (without a horn) for a more typical treed look. This drops the pommel structure lower into the saddle for a smoother line. Although that pommel is incredibly handy for trail or endurance riding, either to grab occasionally, for carrying, and tying stuff to.