Panel shims

Beveled wool felt shaped to fit the front of the Ghost panel. Two pieces per side, use the bigger one alone for a 1/4" lift, both together for a 1/2" lift. You can also shim one side more than the other if your horse has a bigger shoulder (shim the smaller shoulder).
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Pommel bolster

Can affect the rider's pelvis tilt, refines the twist, and slightly deepens the seat.

Ghost Saddle Pads

Ghost makes an extremely nice pad, durable and functional while still remaining affordable. Many people buy these for other saddles including BMSS, Freeform, and even treed saddles.

The pad's topside material is Airshell, a durable fabric that withstands riding long miles and daily use. It is breathable and is offered in a variety of colors to choose from.

Underside material options include:
Sympanova - soft rubber in a waffle pattern, easy to clean, breathable. Not recommended for extremely hot climates (AZ, TX, etc)
White, Black, or Brown wool blend - moisture wicking, durable, good shock absorption
Vella - medical grade synthetic lambskin, extra protection for providing spine channel clearance. Great choice for long distance riders!
Medicinal Sheepskin - a dense, thick wool that is an excellent choice for sensitive skinned horses, distributes pressure more evenly, stops friction, absorbs moisture. This backing can be a slightly slicker, not recommended for wide horses with a low/mutton wither.

1cm inserts are standard. This thickness works great for a large majority of horses.
2cm inserts are recommended if the rider exceeds 185lbs or if the horse has an atrophied back, this option may be a better choice to ensure your horse's spine is well protected.

All pads are shimmable. Access to the pad inserts is from a velcro opening on the side of the pad.

Black pads with Sympanova backing are most often in stock, Other colors or backing material may have to be ordered from Italy (typically a two month turnaround time).

Pad shims

If panel shims aren't enough or you have closed panels, it's also possible to shim in the pads. You want to make sure you are still using the foam pad inserts so you don't put a transition next to the horse, plus they'll stay in place better.

Conway Stirrup Straps

These are also a webber style strap as there is a nylon loop at the top that goes through the stirrup strap ring and then the adjustment is made with a Conway buckle. There is an advantage over the T-bar straps because the T-bar doesn't fit through the slot of many english irons. But these do work best for people who run their stirrup straps under the flap as the stitched overlap of the nylon loop to the granite biothane strap can rub the outside of the flap.
Also best for less strenuous riding as the nylon loop can move sideways and put torque on the front or back of the stirrup ring if the rider's legs aren't in a shoulder-hip-heel alignment.
Best configuration is to have the Conway point away from the rider's leg which points it forward, also away from the horse, but there is a snug keeper to hold everything in place. For people who regularly change stirrup length for students or Ride&Tie partners, arrange the top layer of the strap on the post side of the Conway for easiest changes.