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Custom Measurements

Please use the following guide for measuring when creating a custom measured products:
Black -- Noseband
Yellow -- Browband
Red -- Poll
Green -- Cheek piece
Please make sure all these measurements are taken for a custom order. Also, please do not add any lengths to these measurements. Your product will be created with these measurements at the center of the products adjustment.

Here are some measurements that are on the borderline between horse and arab. All of our products have as much adjustability as feasible, so a headstall that fits an arab will likely fit the smaller range of horse sized heads and vice versa.

Noseband: 22"
Browband: 15.5" (I do tend to make these larger as I hate a tight brow!)
Throatlatch: 36"
Cheek (from noseband to browband): 12.5"

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