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Satisfied Customers

Here's what some of our customers have said about our products:

"I love the flexibility of the material!"                                           everyone!

"I use the [Freedom Bridle] on my ex-racehorse I am re-schooling . . . it can be ridden with contact just like a bitted dressage bridle."                                  Michelle Fink

"It was pretty amazing. I rode Lizza, the head tossing little white mare at the barn (I suspected she had a ill fitting bit) the other day for a dressage warm up, and the change was amazing, she was very happy. Because she wasn't worried about her mouth she got down to business and could have some fun! . . .Thanks for spending so much time with me on this--super customer service! "                            Kelly Hansen

"My neoprene crupper and safety stirrups arrived on Friday night. I just wanted to tell you I am extremely impressed with the crupper. I think it is the single most well-made piece of horse tack I have ever purchased - it's so incredibly soft, and so easy to attach and adjust! My donkey didn't bat an eye when I first put it on her, and wore it happily for a two-hour trail ride yesterday. "
                           Sharon Lovejoy

"As a trainer, I ride about 6 horses a day, each with their own bit.  The Bridle Converter reduces the time it takes to get each horse ready so I can spend more time with them."                                                                                                Janet Masters

"My horse responded immediately to the Freedom Bridle, she was even more responsive than with her hackamore"                                                              Joan Ellis

"I never thought I would be riding my nutty 4 yr old on the trail with NO bit!"                                                                                                    Marlene Moss

Michelle's horse Luna with a black and brown Freedom Bridle

Some of my favorite Websites:

Endurance Net
Kinetic Equine Analysis
Mustang Performance Horse Registry

Outlaw Trail
Sport Horse Finder
The Celtic Cowgirl
Horses Dacor
Barefoot Information
al Zarka Arabians
Mark Rashid
- check out this site for info on Total Equine Supplement, the highest quality supplement available. Or contact Christina at 303-697-0334, 303-478-5663 or Christina currently has several saddle for sale that would be great for distance riders.

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