Halter Bridle Convertible Deluxe

Not a fan of bit hangers? This Halter Bridle Convertible is the solution for you!

This halter bridle setup allows you to remove the bridle portion quickly while leaving the halter in place.

This bridle combines two of our existing products -- The Double Buckle Halter and the Bridle Converter, it uses roller buckles on the cheek pieces of the Converter, making adjustments and swapping bits quick and easy.

Slip the Converter over any halter and presto-chango! Instant Bridle.

If an optional Overlay Color is selected, it will be added to the converter's browband, the halter's noseband, and halter cheek pieces.

An overlay is a great way to add a pop of color, this can be done with shiny biothane or matte beta and can be applied to the brow and nose bands for an additional fee. 

Synthetic crystals (cut glass on a nickel plated rivet) are very a popular way to add a bit of bling. Crystals can be added to the nose and browband for an additional fee.


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