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Products - Reins


Our reins have lots of options!

Slobber Strap and Scissor Snaps

Split Reins with Slobber Straps and Scissor Snaps

Conway Only

Conway and Scissor Snaps


Reins are available in 3/4" Black, Brown, Yellow, Hunter Orange, Lime Green, Pastel Purple, Red, Blue (Royal), Saddle Brown, or Violet Beta Biothane® but may be special ordered in 1/2" (black or brown only) or 5/8" -- Just make a notation within the `Comments` Field. Nine foot (9`) reins are our standard length, but you may order 10` or any length you prefer.

Crystals are extremely popular. We`re offering two different amounts for reins; medium and light. Medium will give you seven crystals on both the right and left sides of your reins, 18" up from the bit connection point. The Light option will give you three crystals on both the right and left sides, and again, 18" up from the bit connection point. Typically I`ll spread the synthetic crystals out evenly, but if you`d like a simple, custom design just make a notation in the comments box. I will always intermix a primary color, like purple, with clear crystals, unless you comment otherwise. Synthetic crystals come in amber, purple, red, clear, light blue, pink and green, and a synthetic turquoise stone.

The photos below will help give you some idea of what you may like:

click on images to enlarge

Price:  $26.00 + $2/ft over 9`
Rein Length:   9' or 10' Other  feet
(Enter 14' for 7' split reins or 15' for 7.5' split reins)
Rein Options: Split Reins:
End Options:
Center Buckle Yes ($5 extra) No
Bling Options:
Additional Comments:


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