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Products - No Brow Halter Bridle w/Bit Hangers


No Brow Halter Bridle w/Bit Hangers
Do you have a horse that doesn`t like his ears touched? Or just want to eliminate one more location of sweat on your hard working horse?

The No Brow Endurance Headstall works great for either of those situations. There is no browband and it functions as a basic halter, so it is easier to put on a fussy horse. And nothing to pull the poll strap against your horses ears making a nice clean look even at the end of a hard ride.

The poll strap is adjustable on both sides so it always sits evenly, and the jowl strap helps keep the headstall balanced properly on the head. The noseband has an adjustable chin strap so it will fit your horse perfectly. The lower rings help keep the cheekpieces out of your horse`s eyes too. And when you`re ready to ride, just snap on the bit hangers and away you go.


The No Brow Halter Bridle is available in 5/8" or 3/4" black, brown, yellow, blue (royal), red, hunter green, pink, pastel blue, pastel green, wine, lime green, saddle brown or violet Beta Biothane. An overlay color in shiny biothane may be selected to dress up the noseband for $5.

Crystals (on a nickel-plated rivet) are extremely popular. We`re offering a light amount (qty 7 crystals) on the nose band for this bridle. I will always intermix a primary color, like purple, with clear crystals, unless you comment otherwise. Synthetic crystals come in amber, purple, red, light blue, clear, light pink, light green, black and a synthetic turquoise stone. Crystals cannot be placed on a bridle with an overlay.

Please note stainless steel costs $7 additional as the price of this metal is much higher than solid brass or nickel plated.

The photos below will help give you some idea of what you may like:

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Price:  $68.00
Overlay Color:
Bling Options:
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