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Products - Trail Riders Jeans ON SALE $130 INCLUDES SHIPPING


Only one pair left -- 28"!

Being sold by Terry, please contact

Definitely not your typical trail riding jeans! Unisex. Super high quality materials and attention to detail make these the most comfortable, durable and stylish pair of riding jeans I have ever seen and ridden in. Designed by a trail rider in Vermont, who listened to a lot of feedback from other trail riders before the release of her product. I don`t like to limit my wear only to riding -- As nice as they look, they are shown off down in the city too!

Breeches with tall boots are not practical for the rough trails, and low cut riding jeans are not comfortable or flattering when you are sitting on a horse. The highest quality stretchy 95% cotton/3% lycra denim fabric allows for a lot of comfort, as does a wider denim covered stretchy waistband that sits just below the waist/belly button. Boot cut to fit over your boots. A fabric/ elastic adjustable stirrup is attached to the inside of the leg halfway up towards the knee. This strap prevents the riding-up of the lower leg region, but allows for shoes and boots to fit nicely under the pant leg. The figure-balancing boot cut leg looks as good when you are on the horse as when you are on the ground. Horse logo embroidered on the rear pockets. All jeans are dark blue four-way stretch denim (I find it a heavier weight denim), with brown Clarino leather. Five pocket jeans, one for a cell phone on the outside of the right leg. Leather panels from the inside of the knee down in high-tech stretchy Clarino leather help obtain a well-balanced seat by providing a nice grip in the saddle. There is no inner seam, which protects the inner leg from getting sore.

Jeans come with an inseam length of 34" in the knee patch pattern. Please measure your circumference just below belly button to determine sizing. Jeans are designed for hemming if needed.

CONTACT: Being sold by Terry, please contact


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