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Products - Cody - 11 yo Arab Saddlebred Gelding - SOLD!


Cody - 11 yo Arab Saddlebred Gelding - SOLD!
Cody is Sold!

Cody is 11 years old, a very striking dark bay pinto gelding at 14.3H. His breeding is 3/4 arab and 1/4 saddlebred - making for the most comfortable horse I`ve ridden. He`s been used for occasional lessons for people that are uncomfortable learning to canter. He is registered half arab and pinto and can be registered NSH.

Cody is a very personable horse and has competed in Endurance and Competitive Trail. He does very well at NATRC obstacles and is usually in the ribbons carrying a heavyweight rider. He has completed 3 50`s in the mountain region and also did 3 days of LD Outlaw Trail this year.

Cody is currently carrying a heavyweight rider with no back problems, but as we are moving up in speed, we think he`d be better off either staying at middle to back of the pack speeds or carrying a lighter rider. He does have a wide back, chest and loins, so is physically capable of handling weight.

He can trot up to around 11mph, but is more comfortable in a canter, with a much lower heart rate above 9-10 mph. His recoveries are good and he eats and drinks well.

Cody has spent a couple years barefoot which really helped his feet, but we have shod during competition season the last 2 years. He has very thick hoof walls, nice round feet that can easily hold Easyboots and a nice big frog.

Cody can be ridden by anyone, even very small children in the arena. He is usually ridden with a sidepull or a rope halter, but goes well in a bit as well.

We are asking $4500 to a good home. Please contact Marlene at 719-748-9073 or email

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