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Products - Belle - 14 yo Arab mare -- SOLD!


Belle - 14 yo Arab mare -- SOLD!
Belle is a 14yo CMK mare. She has had 2 foals, one of which is being kept a stallion. She is black, but not homozygous. Belle is 14.1H and has very straight legs.

She has done parades in the past, so not much bugs her. She hops in the trailer like a pro and backs out without argument. She did not have much formal training before I got her, but she learns very quickly.

Belle`s resting heart rate is 27 (!) and she loves to go. Belle has done one NATRC ride and she was really good. She places her feet perfectly, will go whatever pace she is asked. She has the smoothest gaits - anyone can sit her canter perfectly!

We are asking $3500 for her right now, but that price will go up in the spring once we see her true potential and refresh some skills. We did a technical ride yesterday in the snow and ice on very steep terrain. While the heart rate she gets to indicates her lack of conditioning, she recovers faster than my husbands gelding who was doing 50`s by the end of the summer.

Her gaits are nice. Walk is a little slow, but hard to judge since she`s only been in difficult terrain or with a slower group of horses. Her trot is not too bouncy and her canter is extremely smooth. She shies in place, but really isn`t afraid of much. She also follows beautifully in hand on trecherous footing without trying to rush past.

I am reluctant to sell Belle as she really has some great potential and is an easy to ride horse. She doesn`t bond immediately to most people, so I would want to see a potential owner spend some time with her before a purchase. I also intend to breed her in and want to retain the foal, so a lease situtaion may make sense as well.

Please contact Marlene at (719) 748-9073 or for more information.

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