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Products - CD (9 yo Mustang) - SOLD!

CD (9 yr old mustang)      

CD (9 yo Mustang) - SOLD!
CD has found a new home as a family`s first horse!

CD is a BLM Mustang. He was captured and initially trained at age 5 at the Canon City Correctional Facility. He spent the next couple years doing some reining and roping. We started doing trail work with him at age 7 and found him to be an exceptionally safe trail horse.

CD is a 14.1H dark chestnut with multi-colored mane and tail. He is very striking with his massive mane and forelock. He might sound small, but he carried a 220 pound rider (plus saddle) and placed nearly every ride in Novice Competitive Trail in Region 3 (Colorado). Never any back soreness.

CD will continue to do well in Competitive Trail or LD. He has never had an ill or injured day in his life and has incredible feet and legs. He has never been shod.

We have put very small children on CD in the arena and novice riders out on the trail. He is a very smart horse and does require a little trickery to be caught if he hasn`t been ridden in a while. But he would calm the fears of any rider in the most treacherous of terrain.

We are asking $3000 OBO and are located in Florissant, CO, near Coloado Springs. Please call (719) 351-5037 or email Marlene for more details.

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