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Products - Collars


No more stinky collars! Collar shown here is in 3/4" red Beta Biothane, with clear and red crystals and stainless hardware.

Collars come in two different waterproof materials. Beta Biothane, which has a leather-look, matte finish, and the original Biothane, which is a tougher, plasticky, shiny material.

Beta Biothane choices (matte material). Brown, Black, Saddle Brown, Yellow, Hunter Orange, Lime Green, Violet, Red and Blue (royal) comes in 5/8" and 3/4". Black, blue (royal)and red also come in a 1" width. Color overlays (in shiny 1/2" biothane, choose below) are stitched on and cost $7.

Biothane Choices (shiny material): Royal Blue, Silver, Turquoise and Violet come in a 3/4" width. Red and Blue (royal) also come in 5/8" and 1" widths. Hunter Orange, Lime Green, Blue and Black comes in a 1" width.

Color overlays in shiny 1/2" biothane are stitched on and cost $7.

PLEASE NOTE: Indicate in the Comments section your selection of either Beta Biothane (matte) or original Biothane (shiny).


Crystals (on a rivet), are extremely popular. We`re offering one amount, light (approx. 7 crystals) for the collars. We will always intermix a primary color, like purple, with clear crystals, unless you comment otherwise. Synthetic crystals come in purple, red, clear, light blue, pink, green, amber and a synthetic turquoise stone. Please note I cannot put crystals on an overlay.

Small adjusts from 11" - 14", Medium 13" - 16" and Large 15" - 18". If you`d like a custom size, please select custom size below and indicate adjustment range in the comments section.

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Price:  $15.00
1" wide collar: Check to Add ($5 additional)
Overlay Color:
Bling Options:
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