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Products - English with Cavesson and Flash Noseband


English with Cavesson and Flash Noseband
You will love owning this lightweight English Headstall with Flash made from Beta Biothane® - you`ll be riding when all your friends are taking apart and soaping all that leather! The cheek strapping is stitched tightly around the noseband, allowing for adjustability to your horses` face. Shown here in black beta and stainless steel hardware, 5/8" width nose and brow bands, with blue sparkle overlay and light amount of clear crystals on the brow band.

This headstall is available in 1/2" Black, Brown, Yellow, Blue (Royal), Red, Violet, Pink (hot!), Pastel Blue, Pastel Purple, Pastel Green, Wine, Lime Green or Saddle Brown Beta Biothane®. You may specify that the browband and cavesson noseband be made with 5/8" or 3/4" material.


An overlay color (in shiny biothane, formed to the brow and nose bands and riveted on at each end, no charge) or a pair of high quality conchos may be selected below to dress up the browband and/or noseband.

Crystals (on a nickel plated rivet) are extremely popular. We`re offering a light or medium amount to be applied to the brow band only. Medium will give you 15 crystals on the brow band, light amount 7 crystals. I will always intermix a primary color, like purple, with clear crystals, unless you comment otherwise. Crystals come in amber, purple, red, clear, black, light blue, light pink, light green and a synthetic turquoise stone.

Price:  $69.00
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