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Freedom Bridle
The Freedom Bridle is a unique product, quite different from the Bitless Bridle and the many variations available on the market for years. The Freedom Bridle is a rider configurable headstall, designed specifically for the needs of the distance rider. For those who spend a great deal of time on the trail, you know that as the environment changes, your horse’s response changes and you may need more or less input to his behavior. (Headstall shown is in Saddle Brown Beta with Black Beta overlay and rein, brass hardware.)

Moss Rock Endurance believes that it is important to have enough communication with your horse to handle typical (and sometimes atypical!) situations. But using as little force and impedance upon the horse as possible is important to help your horse grow in sophistication of response and ability to function for many hours on the trail. Going “bitless” can be very comfortable for some horses, but not all take to it well and it is not magic, nor does it take the place of training. We can help you determine if your horse is ready. Distance riders will appreciate helping their horse be able to easily eat on the trail or at vet checks as well.

There are many bitless options and the Freedom Bridle is a way of offering several of them in one package for a reasonable cost. In essence, the Freedom Bridle is simply a lightweight halter with several ways to connect the reins to give different types of cues to your horse – or even a bit if needed.

The halter option is one much requested by distance riders. It is nice to be able to tie your horse back at the trailer, on the trail or hook on a lead rope at vet checks with no “extra” bridle bits flopping around. This is the ultimate halter bridle!

The Freedom Bridle comes with a set of long reins so you can attach them in a special configuration that can apply pressure to the nose, cheek, jowl and poll areas. This configuration allows the rider to communicate very subtly with their horse while still direct reining. Closing the fingers of the right hand provides a slight pressure on the opposite cheek, encouraging the horse to turn to the right. Many horses take to this very quickly, others take a little bit of slow easy work. There are some that are uncomfortable with this action, which is why we provide a money back guarantee within two weeks of receipt. Product must be clean and in new condition! Shipping charges and a 10% retstocking fee will be applied. PLEASE NOTE: Special custom orders (special sizing, colored overlays, conchos or bling) the guarantee does not apply. By starting slowly in the arena, rather than bolting down the trail and pulling with both reins usually prevents any problems. A stronger pull on the rein provides a level of poll and noseband pressure. We have seen dressage horses work quite well bitless (during lessons!).

With either the Freedom Bridle reins or your own reins, you can also use the bridle as a sidepull. A sidepull provides a very direct action on the nose which most horses understand immediately. It is a very simple method of control and quite easy on the trail horse. The Freedom Bridle noseband is very soft and flexible so will not abrade the nose in most cases. A bit or working on a bit-to-bitless transition plan is recommended for constant pullers.

The Freedom Bridle can also be used quite normally with a bit (although it does work best with bits with a smaller ring or short purchase). The bit is easily removed – no need to deal with clumsy bit hangers. One of our favorite configurations is to use the long reins and instead of running them through the noseband rings, run through the bit rings. (I call this a combo configuration.) A small tug provides the overall head pressure, while stronger pulling adds a reduced bit action. This is a great method for training from a bit-to-bitless and we have also used it to train a horse to a bit while determining what bit worked well for the horse. It also works well for the heavy handed rider who doesn’t want to jerk on the bit.

For a typical endurance ride, I put the Freedom Bridle on as halter to trailer to the ride and tie at Ridecamp. Snap a long lead or longe line onto the halter ring for the vet check. Then I may go out for a short warm up ride with the reins set up for the sidepull to kind of see where my horse’s head is at and to familiarize her with the surroundings. The next morning I start with a bit in the `combo` configuration knowing that her competitiveness will be at its strongest at the start. By the first vet check I typically remove the bit.

So the Freedom Bridle isn’t one type of bridle or to be used like any specific other type of bridle. It is what you need it to be! It also comes with a trifold showing various rein arrangements.

Additional notes: The Freedom Bridle has a balanced noseband and does not need to be cranked down as tightly as some other headstalls to keep it from twisting. This is much nicer for trail riding. Also, there is no heavy weight at the connection between rein/cheek straps and the reins, so many gaited horses who are frustrated by the swinging of these rings in other similar bridles are much happier in the Freedom Bridle. The Freedom Bridle is not recommended for horses that fight to run away with their riders – although we have found that some runaways are fighting tack issues such as an uncomfortable bit or a poor fitting saddle and surprisingly end up going very nicely bitless when those issues are addressed.

The round rein is roughly 9` when used in the bitless rein setup and 11`6" for sidepull or bit mode. (Additional rein length is charged at $2.00/foot.) I have found both of these lengths work well for me. If you don`t think the varying rein length will work for you, I can sell an additional set of reins at a reduced price - just call or e-mail me.


The Freedom Bridle comes in black, brown, saddle brown, yellow, blue (royal), red, hunter green, saddle brown (lighter, reddish brown), hunter orange, pastel green or purple, lime green or violet Beta Biothane. You can specify the width of the nose and brow bands (5/8" or 3/4").

An overlay color in shiny biothane may be selected to dress up the browband and/or noseband for $10.

Synthetic crystals (on a rivet), or `bling`, are extremely popular. We`re offering two different amounts for this headstall; medium and light. Medium will give you crystals on the brow and poll bands, and Light, brow only. Quantity of six to nine crystals will be used on each strap; will depend on the length of the strap, that is, horse, arab, or custom size. Typically I`ll spread the crystals out evenly, but if you`d like a simple, custom design just make a notation in the comments box. I will always intermix a primary color, like purple, with clear crystals, unless you comment otherwise. Crystals come in amber, purple, red, light blue, clear, light pink, light green and a synthetic turquoise stone.

Please note there is a stainles steel charge of $7 due to the high cost of this premier metal.

The photos below will help give you some idea of what you may like:

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Price:  $82.00
Overlay Color:
Bling Options:
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